Welcome to the Insite Team.

Please click on a name for information relating to each person in our team but for a general overview – read on. We believe that we must have about 25 different nationalities represented with our cumulative cultural backgrounds. Each one of us enjoys a good time so our end of year staff party is attended by all and is a very late night or early morning.

The Insite Directors – Kim and Phil give us the autonomy to make decisions, run with ideas and encourage our creativity. We are given the support that we need when we need it – our directors are our mentors and friends. Full CVs are available for our Directors and Associates. Alternately the team gives the company more than just completed projects.

The successful outcomes achieved by the company comes down to the hard work, loyalty and dedication of our staff. The photography shoot for our profile images in general was excruciating when it was our turn – yet highly amusing when it was another’s.